We have just opened up our sponsorship list. We want to thank the below named people for the money they have donated and the effort they have put into helping us build our office and website.

Every donation is welcome and we are more than happy to help anyone who donates in anyway we can.

Paving Contractor Coventry
Paving Contractor Hertfordshire
Roofing Contractors Dublin
Boss Paving Dublin
Asphalt Paving Long Island
Roofing Repairs Dublin
Vantage Drives and Patios Chelmsford Paving Contractors
Fcd Driveways Cork Paving Contractors Cork

Fcd Driveways Dublin Paving Contractors Dublin

Fcd Driveways Galway Paving Contractors Galway

Fcd Driveways Limerick Paving Contractors Limerick

Fcd Driveways Wexford Paving Contractors Wexford

Dundrum Paving: Paving Contractors Dublin

MD Tarmac and Paving: Tarmac Contractor Cork

CLASSIC PAVING LONG ISLAND Long Island Asphalt Contractor


DRIVEWAY SOLUTIONS Dublin Tarmac Contractors

Roofing Repairs Dublin
Masonry Contractors Bayside
Asphalt Paving Long Island
Childrens Spanish Wear
Guttering Contractor Dublin
Ayrshire Holiday Park
Driveway Paving Kent


New Website Sponsor

We have just been sponsored by a new company looking to establish a bit of an online presence. In return for the sponsoring of a new website we have said we will mention them and pass the name along.

They are Paving Athlone, Co. Westmeath. An irish paving contractor firm that serve the surrounding region. They are a nice bunch of lads and we wish them the best in their new adventure. If anyone from that side of the woods is looking for some paving, we recommend them highly. If your looking to check them out go to http://www.regencypavers.com for more information.

All the best


Welcome to the Holding Site

Currently we are updating a new website. In the meantime hold tight and we will be back hopefully by the time the new year kicks in.

If you have any problems please feel free to contact the admin at our email address admin@kennethclarkceramics.co.uk